Masonry 101

Architects: AIA/CES 8 hours HSW
Building Officials: ACT54 8 hours, Technical

Enhance your knowledge of masonry materials, fire resistance ratings, sound transmission class, energy requirements and masonry details!  If you are a design professional, engineer and/or architect, mason contractor, bricklayer, building official, building inspector, plan reviewer, masonry supplier representative, etc., this ONE day seminar is for you!

  • Do you need to stay current on changes in masonry codes and standards?
  • Are you new to the industry?
  • For structural engineers, architects, mason contractors, bricklayers, building officials, building inspectors, plan reviewers, masonry suppliers, CMs, GCs.
  • Successful completion of this seminar assures knowledge of brick, block, mortar and grout, fire ratings, sound transmission, thermal requirements and details.

Dates & Locations:  See the Calendar

January 11 - Southfield  FULL
February 22, 2019 - Southfield  FULL
March 29, 2019 - Southfield

Topics Covered Include:

Brick, Block, Mortar, Grout
Meeting Energy Code, R-U Values
Moisture Control, CJs and EJs
Masonry 101 2018 new