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Philippe Ledent, P.E., S.E.

Philippe Ledent, P.E., S.E.

Executive Director

Philippe Ledent, P.E., S.E. joined the Masonry Institute of Michigan as the executive director in February, 2020. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Toledo where he teaches Advanced Structural Design. He is the current chairman of the BIM committee through The Masonry Society (TMS) and is a voting member on the Structural Members and Design subcommittees for the current TMS 402/602 code cycle. Philippe is an at-large representative for the Masonry Alliance for Codes and Standards, and he is a voting member on ASTM Committees C12 (mortars and grouts for unit masonry) and C15 (manufactured masonry units).

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The Masonry Institute of Michigan offers the following professional services to members and non-members.

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We are a member supported organization created as a masonry resource hub for the state of Michigan and our national partners

It is the mission of Masonry Institute of Michigan to provide relevant and accurate information to our A/E/C partners. Through the promotion of masonry we will provide our community with the necessary tools and resources to be successful, whether it be in design, engineering or construction. The stronger we are the better off our partners will be.

Quality Comes First! We Make Sure That Every Minute Detail Is Looked Into While Manufacturing Even The Smallest Product. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs And Satisfaction.

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“Being a member of MIM has provided opportunities for me to further my education and professional development.  A partial list of things learned have included: structural design, information on materials, constructability considerations, etc.”

Todd Dailey, President

Dailey Engineering


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