About the Company

TowerPinkster is an award-winning multi-discipline design firm full of creative professionals committed to collaboration, quality, and integrity. We have been nurturing curiosity since 1953 when our first office opened with just six people. We now
have more than 200 of the best and brightest team members who serve clients throughout the region.

No two days are the same at TowerPinkster, and that’s part of why we love what we do. Our architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, and planners have expertise in multiple markets, meaning we get to enjoy project diversity.

Our market sectors focus on experience-driven spaces. Spaces where people can live, learn, collaborate, serve, heal, and
play. We identify ways for our clients to be more energy efficient while laying the groundwork for the future at the same time.

TowerPinkster uses imagination, innovation and integration to create bold, transforming results while providing superior
service and project management. We are committed to the creative design of exceptional, high-performance, sustainable
environments for our clients and our communities.