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Grouting Workshop

This workshop is a part of a Continuing Education Program for Masonry. The scope of the program is for participants to continue lifelong learning to enhance their success in manufacturing a satisfactory masonry system.

Certification of Completion will be issued for the “Reinforcing Walls and Grouting for Hollow Unit Masonry,” workshop by successfully passing a written examination.  The information presented in this workshop focuses on the placement of steel reinforcement and grouting for hollow unit masonry for bricklayers.

For your convenience this workshop will be presented at your location. 

Workshop Outline
Time: 3-4 hours long

1. Minimum TMS 602 requirements presentation
2. Grouting video
3. ASTM C1019 Standard Test Method for Sampling and Testing Grout
4. Exam

MIM Members:  $100 per person
Non-Members:  $150 per person

There is a minimum of 5 people needed per workshop.  Feel free to join with another company for a joint workshop to meet the minimum.

Contact Michelle or call (248) 663-0415 to schedule a date for MIM to conduct the workshop at your location