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The May Issue of STRUCTURE is Online Now

From the May Issue:

  • Editorial – What's the Plan?
  • Reinforced Masonry Construction – Reinforced masonry is used throughout the United States as a cost-effective and desirable building form for commercial, residential, institutional, and industrial construction.
  • Resiliency of Reinforced Structural Clay Unit Masonry Construction – It is common to overlook Structural Clay Units (SCU) as a viable, and often more desirable, solution during discussions of structural masonry.
  • The Seismic Strengthening of Temple Sherith Israel – Temple Sherith Israel was subject to the City of San Francisco's ordinance regarding assessment and upgrade of all unreinforced masonry buildings found to be seismically deficient. Structural engineers employed a host of new technologies, in concert with traditional ones, to surmount technical challenges.
  • Horizontal End Wall Hooks – Certain types of special masonry shear walls require reinforcement hooks, typically 180 degrees, at the end of a masonry wall, but the cell dimension and grout clearance requirements can make installation problematic.