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Tag Archives: sustainability

Study: The most destructive hurricanes are hitting US more often

November 15, 2019

From TMS Sustainability E-NewsNovember 15, 2019 Big, destructive hurricanes are hitting the U.S. three times more frequently than they did a century ago, according to a new study. Experts generally measure a hurricane's destruction by adding up how much damage it did to people and cities. That can overlook storms that are powerful, but that…
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How Sustainable Is Mass Timber Construction?

July 3, 2019

From TMS Sustainability E-NewsJune 30, 2019 As the industry looks to reduce carbon emissions, mass timber is gaining popularity. But questions, including how sustainable the new material is, especially how much CO2 the logging, manufacturing and transportation of wood products emits, can lead to perplexing answers on all sides. Read more.
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Study finds overconfidence regarding building codes in disaster-exposed communities

June 28, 2019

NCMA eNewsJune 27, 2019 The nonprofit organization Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) highlighted a new initiative recently based around research and consumer surveys they conducted that revealed that many Americans are highly confident that building codes are already "in place" even though most communities at-risk for disaster are without necessary structural codes and standards…
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Ohio school to add reinforced concrete masonry tornado shelter

June 1, 2019

From TMS Sustainability E-NewsVolume 11, Number 10May 31, 2019 Ohio's Fairborn Primary School is building a tornado shelter that will be able to hold 1,200 students inside, reportedly making it the first school in the state to do so. The shelter will have steel-reinforced concrete masonry walls that provide a safe space for students and…
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De Blasio: Glass skyscrapers ‘have no place on our Earth’

April 25, 2019

From New York PostApril 22, 2019 “We are going to introduce legislation to ban the classic glass and steel skyscrapers that have contributed so much to global warming,” de Blasio said. “They have no place in our city or our Earth anymore.” Despite the insistence on repeatedly using the word “ban,” he later admitted his…
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