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Study: The most destructive hurricanes are hitting US more often

November 15, 2019

From TMS Sustainability E-NewsNovember 15, 2019 Big, destructive hurricanes are hitting the U.S. three times more frequently than they did a century ago, according to a new study. Experts generally measure a hurricane's destruction by adding up how much damage it did to people and cities. That can overlook storms that are powerful, but that…
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New Florida homes use block to increase hurricane resistance

June 18, 2019

From NCMA eNewsJune 13, 2019 Delray Beach, Florida-based Akel Homes have built new living structures that are designed to surpass Florida Building Code requirements, with a particular focus on hurricane resistance. To this end, in lieu of wood-frame construction, the homes will be constructed from complete concrete block on both the first and second floor,…
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Florida home contractor uses concrete for hurricane resiliency

June 1, 2019

From TMS Sustainability E-NewsVolume 11, Number 10May 31, 2019 Delray Beach, Fla.-based Akel Homes offers homes constructed from concrete block to comply with the Florida Building Code requirements for hurricane resistance. The homes also include energy-efficient features and impact-rated windows so "form and function are in complete equilibrium," co-President Alexander Akel says in this article.
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Renovating Concrete Block Homes for Hurricane Victims

March 8, 2019

TMS Sustainability E-NewsFebruary 28, 2019 "It's built like a tank," says Rev. Debra Andrew Maconaughey, rector at St. Columbia Episcopal Church in Marathon, Florida, explaining why she urged a relief agency to help on a down payment to purchase a concrete block apartment complex originally built in the 1960s. She and the church are renovating…
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