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Tag Archives: fire

Grizzlies, wilderness and a fire-resistant concrete block home

June 18, 2019

From NCMA eNewsJune 13, 2019 Molly Shepherd can easily recount the devastating 2003 fire. It was one she said that quickly became a watershed moment for many people with properties in the remote, wild and achingly beautiful territory along the North Fork of the Flathead River in Montana -- a habitat they share with grizzly…
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Firefighters show just how fast new wood homes burn

June 10, 2019

From NCMA eNewsJune 13, 2019 Despite advancements in technology and stricter building codes, firefighters are sounding the alarm about how fast it takes a newly constructed wood home to burn down in a fire. The primary culprits? Two main components: engineered I-joists and oriented strand boards (OSBs). They're both made in part from wood chips…
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Timber proposal raises fire service concerns

June 7, 2019

From NCMA eNewsJune 6, 2019 The newly-passed “Tall Mass Timber” code additions to the International Building Code (IBC) 2021 Edition have raised fire safety concerns -- primarily in regards to fire service access. Fighting fires beyond the reach of the tallest aerial apparatuses, fire pump and sprinkler dependency, and more are among the vital questions.…
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