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Leaked report links shoddy work to London’s deadly Grenfell Tower fire

May 10, 2018

From NCMA's eNews May 3, 2018 The Grenfell Tower fire in London killed 71 people last year. According to a leaked report, the catastrophe may have been avoided if construction crews that performed renovation work had adhered to certain safety measures. The report from an independent, third-party certification body said that the high-rise cladding and…
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The Time is Right for Structural Engineers to Embrace Structural Fire Protection

May 5, 2018

SEI Member Update May 2018 For the past century, project stakeholders have tolerated a strikingly inefficient and amorphous system for protecting structures from uncontrolled fire. Also, structural engineers are often absent from the structural fire protection design process. However, due to recent advancements put forth by ASCE/SEI, now is a great time for structural engineers…
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