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NCMA Solutions Center: Can concrete masonry be used to reduce energy cost in buildings?

December 17, 2018

NCMA eNews December 13, 2018 Yes. Concrete masonry, through passive solar design, has the benefit of energy cost savings. Concrete masonry has a thermal mass that is effective in absorbing solar heat and releasing this heat slowly to provide comfortable interior spaces, thus providing less reliance on mechanical heating and cooling systems. For more information…
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Developers Agree to Cut Building Energy Use by 20%

November 19, 2018

TMS Sustainability eNews November 15, 2018 Some of New York's most prominent developers agreed to a plan to reduce energy use in the city's larger buildings by 20% by 2030. The plan would apply to the more than 50,000 buildings in the city of at least 25,000 sq.ft (2300 sq.m).
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Case Study: Better With Age

July 17, 2018

From TMS Sustainability E-News July 15, 2018 A good example of making something old new again is the energy-efficiency renovation of a pre-Civil War-era building at an Indiana college. The energy-efficiency techniques designers used have made it "super-efficient" and useful for another 150 years. Read more here.
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NCMA CPU – New Course on Energy Code Compliance

June 14, 2018

CPU Online offers an extensive variety of courses designed to increase the knowledge of professionals in the manufactured concrete products industry. CPU Online will ensure a professional pathway to success from the comfort of your desk! Introducing NCMA’s new Level 4 Program created for more experienced industry professionals. Energy Code Compliance with Concrete Masonry (C401Da)…
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