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Tag Archives: concrete masonry

NCMA 2020 Midyear Event: Going Virtual!

June 8, 2020

From NCMA eNewsJune 4, 2020 Due to safety and travel restrictions, NCMA is postponing its plans for a Midyear Meeting in Milwaukee until August 2021. However, the industry still wants to get together and share all that is happening! Join NCMA members for the NCMA 2020 Midyear Event: Going Virtual! This event will be held…
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Concrete masonry storm shelter resources

April 27, 2020

From NCMA eNewsApril 16, 2020 Did you know that NCMA has concrete masonry storm shelter resources? Check out the Storm Shelter Design Guide and Commentary and listen to our free recorded webinar on Concrete Masonry Storm Shelters
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NCMA Solutions: What is the bullet/ballistic resistance of concrete masonry?

April 14, 2020

From NCMA eNewsApril 9, 2020 The actual resistance of concrete masonry assemblies to high velocity projectiles such as bullets varies considerably depending on the details of the assembly and the type and energy of the projectile. See NCMA FAQ 22-17 for information on research that has been performed on concrete masonry assemblies for bullet and…
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Architectural block deliver beauty and durability in Denver

April 3, 2020

From NCMA E-NewsApril 2, 2020 A combination of split face and ground face concrete block, supplied by Basalite Concrete Products, is helping Denver’s 2020 Lawrence stand up to the rigors of its urban environment— providing an upscale aesthetic and setting an example for sustainable residential redevelopment throughout the region and the country. The carefully chosen…
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