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Special Inspection Webinar Recordings Available

From TMS E-Newsletter
November 19, 2019

Recordings are now available for the The Masonry Society (TMS) 9-webinar series on Special Inspection of Structural Masonry. Topics include:

  • Introduction to Special Inspection, the 2018 IBC, and TMS 402/602, Phillip Samblanet
  • Introduction to Masonry Units, John Chrysler
  • Reinforcement and Connectors, Phillip Samblanet
  • Mortar and Mortar Mixing, Jamie Farny
  • Grout, Jamie Farny
  • Basic Masonry Construction, John Chrysler
  • Reinforcing and Grouting, Phillip Samblanet
  • Hot and Cold Weather Construction, Jamie Farny
  • Testing, John Chrysler 

Click here for additional information and to purchase the recordings.