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SMART|dynamics of masonry v4.3 is here!

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Masonry Efficiencies 

Industry leaders have been diligently focused on masonry's technological advancements and achieving efficiencies of production, design and installation. Their efforts are paying off with many BIM for Masonry tools and products in the market and integration of new technologies into the design process and on job sites. In the meantime, designers continue to push the envelope of what a brick can do, achieving new geometries through careful manipulation of modular units. This issue of SMART|dynamics of masonry explores the exciting direction the industry is taking. From associations working to educate high school and college students about masonry to block producers working with members of Congress on legislation that will allow for the increased research, promotion and education needed to regrow the market and at every level in between, masonry is on newer, stronger footing than ever.

187 Franklin

The curving and folding wall of this commercial building turned private home allows for floor-to-ceiling windows that let in plenty of sunlight without sacrificing the residents' privacy in a most distinctive setting.

St Mary Mercy Chapel

The geometry of this chapel addition to an exsisting hospital adds drama and curb appeal. A combination of high- and low-tech means and methods were used to create the rounded wall using standard modular brick units.

Drones Add Efficiency to Historic Restoration

Photographs taken by drone are being used by mason contractors in performing facade inspections and estimating historic restoration projects, saving time and labor by minimizing the need for scaffolding erection.

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