Much of our construction remains vulnerable to natural disasters

From TMS News Brief
September 30, 2017

From the Editor

The recent hurricanes and earthquakes experienced in the United States and Mexico are a reminder that much of our construction remains vulnerable to natural disasters. However, it is encouraging to see the efforts to design new construction and renovate existing construction to better withstand these challenges. The U.S. Resilience Council recently recognized their first rated building with a Platinum rating. While this rating evaluated only seismic resiliency, they have plans to add rating systems for wind, floods, and blasts. An important aspect of resilient design is using materials in a way that provides durability, redundancy, and multiple benefits - all areas where masonry excels. So whether it is incorporating permeable masonry pavements in your next design to reduce stormwater runoff, or using structural loadbearing masonry that combines structure and finish in one material, I encourage you to think of ways you can create more resilient designs!

Christine "Tina" Subasic, PE, LEED AP