Major Developments with Masonry IQ software

Email from David Biggs
August 7, 2017


With the release of the Masonry iQ software, we are seeing continual developments. For all of you, especially the sponsors who are promoting this software by providing licenses, there is a tutorial of only 12 minutes that is on the homepage.  I suggest you take a look at even if you are not a Revit user.  You don’t need to be a user to see what the software can do.  What seem like simple, logical features for a BIM software package have been missing from masonry until now!  The features you will see in this tutorial have the potential to improve the planning of masonry layout, reduce errors in dimensioning by designers, reduce cut units, and quickly determine the effects of door and window openings. Plus, more enhancements are in development.

We also have scheduled the first webinar for REVIT users for October 13, 2017 at 10am Central time.  Titled “New Support for Masonry Modeling in Revit”, the one-hour webinar will have the developer, Tom Cuneio, give tips and techniques.

The webinar is free from MCAA and we thank them for hosting!  Register today for the webinar.

While MCAA is the host, it’s very important to note that the webinar is for all REVIT users interested in masonry whether they be contractors, architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, etc.

If you too would like to host a future webinar, please contact David Biggs.