Honorary Members

The Life Time Achievement Award will be granted to an individual who has rendered special service to the masonry industry. The recipient of the award shall be entitled to all of the privileges of the Institute. A nomination submitted to the Board of Trustees will require unanimous approval.


List of Members:

Elton Asmus (2002)
Don Bidwell (2002
Robert M. Bonus (2003)
Rudy Bortolotti (2003)
Francis Costella (2018)
Mariano R. DiGiovanni (2008)
Larry Durkin (2010)
Robert F. Ebeling (1998)
Don Evans (2003)
James A. Gendron (2015)
Clarence D. Gleeson (2000)
Clarence M. Gleeson Sr. (2003)
Karl Hans Greimel (2001)
John A. Heslip (1999)
Howard Hicks ( )
John Knecht (2003)
Michael F. Navetta (1996)
Floyd S. Nixon (2003)
Jack Powell (2003)
Jack Robinson (2003)
James R. Snyder (1998)
Frank Soave (2004)