Fire Marshals and Fire Chiefs oppose tall wood code changes

NCMA eNews
September 27, 2018

The National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) has released a position opposing the pending building code changes to allow taller wood construction. The proposed changes would increase height, area, and story allowances for tall wood buildings based in part on “professional judgment.” The State Fire Marshals have called for data supporting decisions related to code changes. “The current proposals go too far, too fast, in an area of significant and long-lasting importance,” said the position statement. “No live fire testing has been conducted in buildings constructed to the limits being proposed, and the limited application of external influences to fire behavior. It is extremely difficult to accept that these proposals meet the committee’s own stated objectives. We are left with ‘professional judgment’ as the only substantiation.” NASFM urges a vote to disapprove these changes. Read more