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Effective Mortar Specifications

Credit/Time: 1 hour

AE Mortar presentationFor a very long time, masonry has been a desirable building system that offers high performance. Designing it correctly requires an understanding of different materials. One component of masonry, mortar, serves many purposes and has requirements for both fresh and hardened properties. Appropriately specifying and testing mortars not only saves time, it can result in better masonry projects. This presentation offers an understanding of cement-based mortars to support efficient design and yield effective results.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Name the three most common ASTM C270 mortar designations and how to select the appropriate type for your project
  2. Understand the difference between proportion and property specifications
  3. Name the cement standards allowed to make C270 mortars and differences between them
  4. Describe the right way to assess mortar quality (and ways you should not)


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