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Direct Design Software – New Version 3.1 available now

From NCMA eNews
January 30, 2020

Direct Design Software - the powerful structural masonry building design software - has new features. The latest version, available now, includes a new feature to import building models from Autodesk Revit and export structural details back out. Coupled with the current features of the software - including complete structural design of a masonry building in minutes - the new import/export feature makes the this software even more valuable. To use this new capability download the new version of DDS and the import/export plugin for Revit. Already a current license holder - you can get this update at no additional charge. Don't currently have a license? Try the software out for free for 30 days, or get your license today. Attending ICON-Xchange? Check out the Direct Design Software in the Innovation Center.

To download the newest version, click here. To learn more about and download the Revit import/export feature, click here.