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Residential Details: A Guide to Inspecting Residential Brick Veneer

The following information has been copied from the Guide to Inspecting Residential Brick Veneer, Ver. 2, Revised April 2006,  © 2006 MASONPRO:The knowledgeable staff at MASONPRO together with technical support from the Masonry Institute of Michigan have assembled this guide as a professional courtesy for the residential construction building industry. Our intention is to provide home builders, masons, inspectors and related industry professionals with details and descriptions of sound building practices that meet and/or exceed local, state and national building codes.

Volunteer members of the Masonry Institute of Michigan have donated their time and expertise to develop and refine the details in these guides. Their input is a valuable contribution to the entire North American residential home building industry. MASONPRO is proud to support our industry and publish this information.

Please feel free to use the drawings in this guide as your own and we encourage you to photocopy and fax them whenever practical. Copies of this guide are also available in English or Spanish at MASONPRO.





Produced in cooperation with the Masonry Institute of Michigan, The Brick Industry Association and MASONPRO, with a thank you to the Great Lakes Cement Promotion Association, Essroc Italcementi Group, Lafarge North America, Holcim, St. Marys Cement, and Dupont Building Innovation for their support.

The decision to utilize this information is not within the purview of the MIM, and persons making use of this information do so at their own risk.  MIM makes no representation or warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to the accuracy or suitability of this information.  MIM and its members disclaim liability for damages of any kind, including any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, which may result from the use of this information.  This information is not to be interpreted as indicating compliance with, or waiver of, any provision of any applicable building code, ordinance, standard or law.