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AIA President Calls for Carbon-Neutral Built Environment

July 3, 2018

From TMS's Sustainability E-News June 30, 2018 According to this article, American Institute of Architects (AIA) President Carl Elefante recently called on architects, industries and governments to do more to achieve a carbon-neutral built environment by 2050. "The United States and Europe have made significant strides when it comes to designing high-performance buildings, but we…
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Adoption of Disaster-Resistant Homes Has Been Too Slow

July 2, 2018

From TMS's Sustainability E-News June 30, 2018 Design and safety features that can help homes withstand hurricanes, flooding and other extreme weather are not being embraced quickly enough within the housing market, experts say in this article. The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides reduced rates for flood insurance in communities that exceed local building codes,…
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Masonry is Sustainable Brochure Updated by the Sustainability Committee

June 14, 2018

From TMS's Sustainability E-News June 12, 2018 The Sustainability Committee of The Masonry Society recently updated its "Masonry is Sustainable" Brochure, which reviews the positive environmental attributes of masonry products. The brochure discusses how masonry's attributes can be used within the LEED v4 rating system, and beyond LEED, in a broader approach to sustainable buildings.…
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Resilience = Durability + Sustainability

May 16, 2018

From TMS Sustainability e-News May 15, 2018 How prepared is global infrastructure for ferocious hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters? Technical committees are examining the issue from a number of angles. Read more.
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